Lesta srl is a dynamic reality founded in early 2010. Its principal activity is designing, building and commercialization of industrial painting robots. The large experience accumulated in the past by Lesta’s staff guarantees reliability and certainty on goals achievement.

Lesta srl is also a system integrator consultancy society that works on different industrial hardware platforms offering from keys in hand solutions to shoulder to shoulder collaboration with companies human resources in their own automatic machines design and realization projects.

Lesta srl is situated in a strategic area on the north-west of Italy. It is just 10 km far from Malpensa International airport and 20 km far from Milan city center. Lesta srl workshop is 900 m2 big: 250 m2 for offices and laboratories and the other 650 m2 for assembly plant and spare parts storage.





Sys Integrator

System Integrator