Lesta's painting robots are sophisticated machines as well as very user-friendly equipment created for industrial painting applications.

Anthropomorphic robots are auto-learning and point to point programmable machines, supplied with a modern control panel which is managed by new software LeCRob RobotManager.

Self-learning is the most efficient solution nowadays in industrial panting industry. During the programming stage the operator moves the machine’s arm (which will be perfectly balanced, easy to move and light) and regulates the opening and flux regulation of spraying pistols. All movements and control signs from the pistols will be perfectly recorded and memorized by the robot control system. So the operator will paint the object assessing immediately the spraying results.

During the production stage, the selected program will be repeated automatically by the robot offering also the possibility of complete or partial modification of the parameters.

In point to point traditional programming, the operator just memorizes some of the interest points of the object and, in a second moment, he builds the painting program in offline programming. 3D simulation and the possibility of testing the program directly on the machine with reduced speeds and with simulated spraying are the perfect instruments for a precise test of the programming.

A wide range of accessories and software options permits to customize our machines to every single and particular case.

Lesta srl is presenting to its costumers important news on automatic painting plants. Please contact us for any further information you may need. It will be our pleasure to receive you in our offices and show you our best offer.

  • LeBot A6

    LEBOT A6 Robot

    6 axis Robot with carbon fiber arms. Electrical cabinet with touchscreen LCD monitor. Available in different configurations: single station, step by step or continuous conveyors, etc.

  • LeBot-C5

    LEBOT C5 Robot

    Lesta Srl Cartesian robots are machines adapted to the production requirements of our customers. Work areas of our cartesian painting robot are modeled on the size of the pieces to be processed. With a maximum linear speed of 800mm/s, LeBot C5 is an efficient and robust machine.

  • Lesta LeBot MV A5 9105 3


    Lebot MV Robot is the new model in the Lesta offer. This anthropomorphous robot is equipped with the new LeCRob electrical control.


See pics and videos of what our robots can manage in the applications page.