Robot Software



The software for managing painting robots LeCRob RobotManager, developed by Lesta Srl, satisfies all modern painting robot’s needs. With this pack it is possible to manage easily and fast your own anthropomorphic painting robots. With our LeCRob control, you will be able to reduce the paint consumption of your robot thanks to the “runtime” regulation of all the spraying parameters with best results guaranteed. The software will also permit you to modify the painting programs during the automatic cycle. LeCRob RobotManager key features are:

  • Programming with auto-learning
  • Programming point to point
  • Easy managing of programs and downprograms supplied with technical schedules in pdf and pictures
  • Editing and modifying “on fly” on programs: speed change and spraying parameters.
  • Remote supervision of the painting cabin with IPCam
  • Rotation unit management
  • Supplementary axis management (as product transfer units)
  • Programming and tests for motors and encoders
  • Interface for paint management control unit
  • Optimized for Touch Screen management
  • Multilingual
  • Operator’s interface directly connected to Skype for Lesta’s remote assistance
  • Profiled user access
  • Remote support by internet
  • External database interfaces for the control of the production
  • Primal connection to smartphone/android device for controlling the state of the machine

It is possible to couple the queue manager LeCRob ProdManager to the LeCRob RobotManager software.

Lesta srl guarantees full support, full updating and full personalization for all LeCRob family software.



Lesta Smart App is the new easy to use software to monitor Lesta robot! With Lesta SmartApp you can easily get a real-time view of the status of the robot and read the information regarding the production records and statistics. Lesta SmartApp is cross-platform and can be used on all mobile phones, tablets and computers. The LeCRob and LeCRob ECO robot controllers can be configured to interface to Lesta SmartApp; electrical Lesta paintings can also be updated. Our monitoring software running on a LAN or can be displayed through the internet. Lesta SmartApp provides status information and statistics on production, but can be quickly updated and expanded with new custom fields to meet the needs of customers.


LeCRob ProdManager software, completely developed by Lesta Srl, is a user-friendly program. It controls the production queue in a simple way allowing the fully management of the charge list for the products that should be painted from one or more remote positions. Furthermore, it gives statistics about the production. LeCRob ProdManager is perfectly integrated with LeCRob RobotManager software! Thanks to on-site personalization LeCRob ProdManager can interact with AS400 or other pre-existing software and Databases.


LeCRob WinStudio is an automatic painting software for windows. LeCRob WinStudio controls optical reading barriers and photocells for visualizing windows hanged to automatic conveyors. The data will be processed for generating painting programs in a fully automatic way. The software easily generates programs for anthropomorphic and Cartesian robots in a flexible and personalized way.



With LeCRob SurfaceStudio software Lesta Srl proposes an innovative solution for plain and curved surfaces management. The surface shape can be inserted in the program by 3D points files or cad models. A simple series of commands –inserted by manual or automatic mode- shape the painting program using pre-set parameters.


The solution for the offline programming of our robot is the 3D environment LeCRob PointStudio.
Designed and completely realized by the Lesta development team, LeCRob PointSutdio is an innovative and modern development environment, complete with many features.

  • Available for all series of robots Lebot A6, Lebot R500 A5/A6
  • Management of auxiliary axes such as carriages, rotation units, etc.

Construction of the path

The user has several methods of construction of the painting paths:

  • building geometries directly into the environment
  • importing 3D models of objects to be painted
  • recording some points on the field, directly with the robot

When the data are available in the environment, the user can build the painting program using the different geometry tools available.
For each trajectory, you can change various parameters such as:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Distance to the component
  • guns parameters


  • Import 3D models in STL and STEP format
  • cutting sections on surfaces
  • Volumetric analysis of 3D models
  • Creating grids on the surfaces selected for facilitating automatic paths generation
  • Graphic tool implementation for simplification of programming steps
  • Robot cycle simulation, with limits and cycle times check
  • automatic connection between different path
  • Quick and simple management of programming steps

Possibility of customization for all types of special application.
Contact our software developers for a demo of our 3D environment.



Conversion tool for robot programs that allows to convert the knowledge saved in old controllers to the LeCRob RobotManager format. The conversion optimizes the machine paths and make the movements become smoother and fluent.