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Scanning systems

3D SCANNER and trajectory generation software
Recognition system with laser reading and dedicated software. The system is equipped with a laser reading head for surface digitization process. Through our LecRob PointStudio software, suitably adapted to your needs, it will be possible to construct spraying trajectories according to the parameters set by your operators.

Thanks to the scan system it is possible, starting from a physical sample, to obtain a virtual model made of points cloud considerably accurate. This reconstruction is processed by our software and transmitted to the painting robot, to adapt the painting program set to the object to be painted. This system is generally moved along one axis to ensure the scanning of the larger pieces and is used in the painting of elements with particularly complex geometries in which the real recognition is required. Once the scan has been acquired, the robot will be able to adapt the painting path to the real 3D surface of the piece.

SCANNER 2.5D (width, length and height)
The system consists of a laser moved on two axes. The measure sensor will thus be able to define 3 dimensions of the analyzed panels.

This type of scanning system, along with painting parameters saved in recipes, is suitable for simple geometries of the pieces to be painted; the scanner is in fact able to easily manage square, rectangular and round panels and even square, rectangular and round frames.

The laser barriers placed in the entrance area in the cabin allow the recognition of the piece within a database.

Robots are automatically informed about the program code assigned to the incoming piece, without manual operations. The process is as follows:

  1. During the model teaching session, when a new part passes through the laser barrier, the image is stored and the desired program code is assigned.
  2. During the automatic session, the parts move through the scanner and the software, in combination with the reading system, compares the acquired image with the database archive.
  3. Once the piece has been identified in the database, the robot receives the program code to be executed.

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Lesta srl

Via Damiano Chiesa 42, 20020 - Dairago (MI)
Tel. +39-0331-430817
P.Iva: IT03138130129 R.E.A. VA326174
Capitale sociale € 20.000,00
Lesta Srl is registered to the Union of Industrialists of Varese County
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